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the remote agility framework

Designed for all levels of business, Remote Agility Framework is an evolution to your ways of working to overcome the modern challenge of distributed teams.

Enterprise: Make strategy accessible to enable autonomous decision making with directional alignment.

Team of Teams: Align teams with data for effective planning, governance and delivery.

Teams: Design teams to evolve to fit the nature of the problem that they are solving.

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the principles

The foundation of Remote Agility Framework, our principles guide successful remote working.


  • Trust in People
  • Strategy Evolves
  • Clarity is King
  • Remote but Responsible

Team of Teams

  • All Teams are Equals
  • Pass things Gently
  • Help Each Other
  • Measure what Counts


  • Respect Circumstance
  • Work Smaller
  • Further, But Closer
  • Tool the F Up
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what it's not

Remote Agility Framework isn't:

A certification scheme: remote:af guides must demonstrate professional development and hands on experience in modern ways of working.

Linear: remote:af respects complexity. Teams and Operating Models are designed to evolve to context. Governance is principles based and adaptive.

A replacement for proven agile frameworks and methods: remote:af is designed to enhance existing frameworks, enabling remote working while providing lightweight guidance for those new to agility.

Just for software development: remote:af is work agnostic, it's about how we work, not what we work on.

Prescriptive or Procedural: remote:af is an integrated, principles based library of patterns and tools designed to make remote working more effective and sustainable.

remote:af played a huge role accelerating our ability to organise, prioritise and deliver work. The approach that has been embedded across our business means that regardless of whether our teams are fully remote, in the office, or a mix of both, work is transparent, team capacity is well managed and outcomes are visible.

Chief Executive Officer

Having run this process multiple times we are seeing real tangible benefits in how work is delivered across the business, blockers/risks are identified earlier giving the opportunity for proactive solutions to be found, while work sequencing and resourcing acvross the whole portfolio is much clearer and streamlined.

Program Manager

I've just spend an awesome couple of weeks with the remote:af team learning how to design great remote organisations, guide remote teams towards high performance, build virtual spaces and lead in the remote context

Anthony Little
Agile Coach

Through your Team Launch process in the Remote Agility Framework we set our purpose and how we will collaborate and communicate. Seems like small things but has an impact on how we work effectively together remotely and in a time of stress and uncertainty

Myee Riri
Software Development Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions

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