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Join a remote team headquartered in Australia on our mission to keep people out of the office, making a global impact on sustainability and social equity

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The remote:af team believes that effective remote work is a cornerstone to a more sustainable and equitable future. We want to remove any remaining stigma around remote work and demonstrate that hybrid and remote teams deliver better results than their in-office equivalents.

We aim to prove this through building a community of practitioners and partners who use remote:af tools and practices to craft the workplaces of tomorrow.

If we succeed in our mission, the majority of the world’s workplaces will be remote-friendly in the future and people will be able to design work around their lives instead of designing their life around the commute. We will see a permanent reduction in corporate air and car travel and a slowing of urban spread. Teams will be engaged, productive, empowered… and remote:af.

what is the remote:af team like?

We are a passionate and distributed collection of humans who strive for a more effective and empathetic workplace. As a collective, we respect personal circumstances and focus on outcomes while having fun. If you like learning, working with a lively community and supporting the future of work, then we might be the team for you.

about you

We’re building a team that brings all our skills and experiences to bear on solving problems for our customers and meeting people where they are. All remote:af team members follow a Code of Conduct that would align with how you approach work and people. In joining a mission focused team, you would work with us around the outcomes we need to achieve for the broader community and partners. You’ll be open to experimenting, and picking up work outside the norm.

applications welcome

Reach out if you’d like to express your interest in joining our team.

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