remote work design principles

Practices follow principles. Remote and hybrid organisations need to be clear about the principles of how they'll work together

enterprise principles

The office is a post industrial revolution construct. Prior to the emergence of factories people worked in cottage industries, closer to their homes and families.

Full time office work is a pre pandemic construct. From 2020 and beyond organisations will change the way they think about location and its relevance to work.

Enterprise principles ensure we can adapt to changing environments, and provide clarity to put our people in the best position to succeed.

Trust in People: Teams that are aligned on purpose, radically transparent, know their role, and continuously improve are self-governing.

Strategy Evolves: Strategy has a short shelf life. We collaborate to evolve strategy using tight customer feedback loops and recognise that change is the only constant.

Clarity is King: We are crystal clear on purpose, objectives and expectations to enable autonomy with directional alignment

Remote but Responsible: Moving teams away from the office does not mean we abrogate our responsibility for workplace safety and sustainability.

team of teams principles

It's hard to know we are working on the right things. Team of Team principles use data to drive decision making and ensure that all our teams are aligned, successful and cared for.

All Teams are Equals: Every Team, from innovation to back office operations, is critical to our success. We treat them like it.

Pass things Gently: We don’t throw things over the fence. We build it, we run it, or we make damn sure we’d be happy to run it.

Help Each Other: We work together to create value. If other teams are under pressure, we help them through tough times.

Measure what Counts: We make Data Informed decisions and prove that we are improving using lean metrics.

team principles

The best teams know culture eats process for breakfast. Team principles help our teams work closer, faster and most importantly, together.

Respect Circumstance: We respect individual circumstances to create working agreements for the whole team.

Work Smaller: We work smaller, connect more regularly, and constantly communicate.

Further, But Closer: We build culture constantly. Teams that play together, learn together. Teams that learn together, thrive together.

Tool the F Up: We use modern tools to support our culture and efficiency of delivery.

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